dreamy dominican republic wedding

Last year I was asked by some childhood friends of mine to shoot their wedding in Punta Cana. I had been waiting for my shot at a destination wedding, and I had yet to visit the Dominican Republic and Adam and Jamie are some of the most laid back, fun loving people…so naturally I was in without question. I spent a week with them and their closest friends and family at an all inclusive resort where we went scuba diving, played pool volleyball, danced with locals, ate as much as we wanted (and everything out of the mini bar!), drank fresh coconut water lots of the local booze called Mama Juana and lazed around in the sun and sand. Despite the humidity (fogged up my lenses constantly), their ceremony was so peacefully perfect and their reception…well, it was a little less peaceful. The night ended with everyone sprinting into the surf (and Melissa and I eating the bug covered cake straight from the cake cutter). I love the thought of a destination wedding with your closest loved ones…everyone had a full week to bond and truly become one family. I loved watching this happen with Adam and Jamie’s families. One of my favorite weddings to date.
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