conley patrick

My best friend recently had her baby boy. They named him Conley. Sarah has been one of my best friends for years & I am so excited for this huge milestone in her life. Conley is perfect, of course. All of us are completely enamored with him.

IMG_0055 IMG_0101col-2 IMG_0031 IMG_0042 IMG_0086And here is…well, the final product! Such a big boy. I went over to Sarah’s home to take the photos, and first things first, we had to get a good snuggle in. He was dead asleep. Of course as soon as I put him down to take some shots, he woke up, got squirmy & just wanted to be held. Silly baby.

photo (6) IMG_9813 IMG_9839 IMG_9897 IMG_9789 IMG_9829newborn IMG_9848


Meet Baylee! We had a quick (and fussy) shoot a few weeks ago. Of course, as soon as it was time to hike back to the car she was all cozy and cuddly in my arms – just happy as can be. In those moments I feel like I need an extra arm or two. During the shoot, my friend (her uncle) & I stood over her and made every weird noise imaginable…he shook his keys over her…I shimmied around like a nutcase…several people passed behind us and I can only imagine their thoughts about what we were putting this poor baby through. But…those EYES!