alley engagement

Lauren and Ira…the epitome of a couple that just clicks. Their personalities mesh so well and they are two people who truly embrace life and live it well. I love joining them for game nights (Quelf and wine at their house is one of my favorite things), sporting events and anything outdoors. I shot their engagement photos over two days since our first attempt at a shoot was 1) freezing, 2) slightly difficult due to their sweet but distracted pups Ryder and Cameron, and 3) the rainstorm that cut in towards the end. They were recently married at Zona in Scottsdale, and I couldn’t be happier to have been a part of their entire engagement and a friend to Lauren for almost 20 years. Love you guys!

IMG_6531 IMG_6550 IMG_6589 IMG_6602 IMG_6647 IMG_6697 IMG_6731 IMG_6930 IMG_7056 IMG_7072 IMG_7135 IMG_6802 IMG_6808 IMG_6813 IMG_6898 IMG_6906 IMG_6976 IMG_7025 IMG_7034


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